Phis-x has numerous years of experience in the field embedded software, electronics and photonics. During the course of the many projects we learned that testing to assure the quality of a product is a challenge that companies face at a certain point in time. By sharing our experience and insight in testing we aim to speed up the development of test facilities for any company facing this matter.

Testing review – Focus and Years of experience is important to building a qualitative product. For testing however, it comes down to being the, not so knowledgeable, user. With the testing review we offer to study your test infrastructure with a fresh pair of eyes onsite. During the visit we will study the requirements of the product and how it is tested. After the visit we will report our findings and potential improvements to the test infrastructure

Testing workshop – For companies starting to setup a testing and companies whom would like to refresh or improve testing we offer a 2 day workshop on this topic. The workshop involves the general way of working, use cases and automizing.

Tailored setup – Testing can be a burden, and in some cases it is obligated to be performed by an external party (e.g. medical applications). For those in need we can build a custom testing setup to evaluate electronical and photonic systems to their specifications. We can even help you with performing the tests.

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